How to research your physician

Are you trying to find out if the physician that you want to see is really good? I think most people go on to the web searching for this information. They usually come across reviews, but how do they know if the physician is really good at what he/she does?

The truth is that the reviews only tell half of the story. Sure, the doc might be great when it comes to bedside manner, but how can you be sure they can treat your illness right?

One way to do it is to look at your local regulatory body. For example in Florida, AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) is the group that regulates and monitors physicians. One way to look at the physicians history and to see if they have any dings on their record it go here:


Look for your state’s health care agency and you will find similar information for you.

I know finding the right healthcare provider can be taxing. I hope this helps you find yours.

Good Luck,